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AC,3BR roomes, parking Place
Fully Furnished 3BR roomes, parking Place
Good Location NH8, Parking place
Property Management
We understand what a sensitive, emotionally charged process the buying or selling of a home can be. We know that it involves one of the biggest commitments a family can make. That is why Cyprus consultants professionals are totally committed to providing whatever it takes to help you through the process, to keep you well informed, and to make sure you have the right answers to the many questions that inevitably arise during any real estate transaction.
Verification of the Title of the vendor
This is the most important aspect of a purchase transaction of an immovable property and may be competently handled by a reputed lawyer/solicitor/chartered accountant etc. The verification is necessary from following three angles:
i) Validity of Title: The vendor must have a clear, valid and marketable title over the immovable property which is the subject matter of transaction. This would require a close scrutiny of documents of title produced by the vendor. The document must be a registered document.
ii) Obtaining of Non-encumbrances certificate from registrar and good title from the concerning tehsildar .
iii ) Acquisition of land in any scheme by the land acquisition office
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