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Fully Furnished 3BR roomes, parking Place
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Investor Advisory Services
As global investors have increased their focus on India and their seriousness to conclude transactions in this market, Avendus has come to the forefront to help such private equity/buy-out funds to do the right transaction in India.

Phase 1: Target Shortlisting
In this phase, we help the investor freeze on the investment/acquisition criteria and freezing their investment parameters based on complete, in-depth complete market analysis. We also help the investors identify the right companies to explore transactions with, help investors meet the target companies and help the investor prioritize among the targets to create a shortlist.

Avendus uses its network of relationships with companies, private equity funds and other intermediaries extensively in this phase to identify the right targets.

Phase 2: Commercial Term Sheet
In this phase, Avendus creates valuation and structuring models for the shortlisted companies, prepares the term sheet, drives deal negotiations with targets and ensures that the client enters into a term sheet with the target company which outlines all the commercial terms of the transaction.

Avendus leverages its experience in closing transactions to create the most effective transaction for its client.

Phase 3: Due Diligence and Transaction Closure
In this phase, Avendus helps the client on preliminary business due diligence on the target, co-ordinates the overall due diligence process, and negotiates on the final definitive agreements with the target company. Avendus drives this process to reach closure on the transaction.

Transaction closure is a phase where Avendus uses its single-minded focus on closing the right deal for its client and its structured capitalization/re-capitalization advisory process, to ensure consummation of the transaction in the defined time-frame.
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