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AC,3BR roomes, parking Place
Fully Furnished 3BR roomes, parking Place
Good Location NH8, Parking place
Property Management
About Us

On the premise of 'exclusivity' being its mainstay "CYPRUS CONSULTANTS" envisions itself: as a specialized REAL ESTATE CONSULTANTS, catering exclusively to the needs of ever-growing demand for properties.

It's managed by professionals who've spent number of years, working in this industry and are Cognizant of the requirements / expectations of the same. The founders of the company have an experience of over 12 years in this field.

We have a wide experience of Procuring Projects, which include Valuation & the feasibility of the project and preparation of reports on the basis of extensive survey for the Implementation of Sales Strategies.

Having a good networking in the market and understanding of the renting requirements, rented various properties to big corporate houses. Also have a good exposure of public dealing and grievance handling and have a good exposure of handling the various government departments.

CYPRUS CONSULTANTS aspires to be the perfect conduit between the prestigious buyer / seller & promoters.

Our primary concern is the success of your property. Cyprus Consultants employs innovative techniques to ensure the highest occupancy. Using our extensive portfolio as leverage, Cyprus Consultants negotiates large-scale contracts with bottom line prices.

Our goal is to bring the professionalism and resources of large national management firms to our clients, while offering hands-on attention customary of the small neighborhood company.

In today's market, our primary concern is the success of your property. Apart from Renting, Buying and Selling of properties, we also explore alternative streams of revenue for our clients which is unique to companies of our size and generally not afforded to smaller "mom and pop" firms. Cyprus will use the leverage of its entire portfolio when negotiating contracts, such as laundry leases and waste removal. This translates in to an increased bottom line.

The benefits are manifold and ultimately translate into saving of precious time and effort.

Thus with so much happening on the real estate industry and the possibilities that can make the scenario only better, CYPRUS CONSULTANTS is upbeat about its assured objective.

  • Consultants to promoter/builders, which includes:
  • Project Reports/Surveys
  • Sales Organizers
  • Exhibition setup
  • Property Management
  • Buying/selling/renting
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